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    Staff Profile: Gillian Harrison Accounting Professional at New Zealand-wide accounting specialists Tutbury & Associates Ltd.

    New Zealand-wide accounting specialists Tutbury & Associates Limited aim to go above and beyond for their clients, so they keep their staff openminded and up-to-date to provide an innovative experience for all. Gillian Harrison has been at Tutbury & Associates Ltd for nearly two years.

    As an Accounting Professional Gillian Harrison has beltfuls of knowledge and experience to offer. Gillian’s passion for the job is proven by her long history working with accounting firms from all around the North Island, including Wellington, Auckland and Te Puke.

    Gillian describes working at Tutbury & Associates Ltd as, “A more relaxed atmosphere with less strict hierarchical structure”. Her favourite quality of the job is the unlimited variety of the unknown. “Every job is different, different cases come with different issues, so each job is unique” says Gillian.

    Starting a new business can be stressful and blinding so having an accounting specialist to take a load off your shoulders with complete financial advice and guidance is absolutely necessary.

    Although Tutbury & Associates Ltd call Tauranga home, they are cloud (xero) based to provide nationwide service. The staff at Tutbury & Associates Ltd are strong believers that the use of technology can save your business money and keep it updated.

    As a company filled with knowledgeable, passionate Accounting Professionals like Gillian, Tutbury & Associates Ltd should be your first choice in order to fulfil the utmost needs of both you and your business. For more info visit their website – https://tutburyassociates.co.nz/about/

    About Tutbury & Associates Limited.

    Tutbury & Associates Limited has worked hard to build their reputation of excellent customer service by working interactively with their clients and making sure that their clients get value for money. They are ideal for ideal for trades people, or anyone who wants to grow their business.


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    Staff Profile: Gillian Harrison Accounting Professional at New Zealand-wide accounting specialists Tutbury & Associates Ltd.