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by Kelly Tutbury

Staff Profile: Shalom Tahere Practice Administrator at New Zealand-wide accounting specialists Tutbury & Associates Ltd.

Although she has only been at New Zealand’s leading accounting experts, Tutbury & Associates Limited for just over one year, Practice Administrator Shalom Tahere has fitted in quite well with their all-star team.

It is fair to say that Tutbury & Associates Limited are not your average accounting firm. With a focus on innovation and making accounting approachable, Tutbury & Associates Ltd are all about having fun in their work.

“Even though all our staff members have different personalities and interests we all seem to get along quite well. It is awesome that we all love to come to the office each day and complete our tasks but still aren’t shy to have a laugh or two with each other. Awesome bunch of people to work alongside at Tutbury’s!” says Shalom.

Originally from Dargaville, Shalom’s experience in the industry is in administration and processing payroll through flexitime and Xero.  “I love working at Tutbury’s as it’s a comfortable, inviting environment where I’m continually learning new things each day. There’s always a chance we will have a visit from our clients or fresh faces throughout the day which is a bonus,” comments Shalom.

With client care being paramount for all staff at Tutbury & Associates, “we always make sure Clients are taken care of, whether that be starting their day with a hot coffee or having a sit down and answering some questions that may be troubling them,” adds Shalom.

Shalom believes that is due to Tutbury & Associates Ltd developing long lasting relationships with clients is what sets Tutbury & Associates Ltd apart from the rest. “Because Tutbury Associates has been passed down through three generations we still have a lot of our clients who have been with us for over 14 years. This has made working alongside them more personal, so we value our client’s commitment and time with us,” says Shalom

“We are a small knit business; we get to know our clients more than usual.  We love the personal friendships we have with our clients because we can focus on giving more of our time to them rather than seeing them as a number walking through the door,” adds Shalom.

Shalom says that reason for using specialist accountants for a business is “I would probably say it’s a must to see a specialised accountant for a business because they know what they’re doing and you’d hate to receive the wrong information when it comes to your accounts. No one wants to pay more tax than necessary, right?” says Shalom.

Shalom’s tip for someone starting a new business is: “To always seek advice from a trusted accountant on what’s involved and needed before starting a business. It’s always good to sit down with an accountant, as you can give them a good idea on what your business is, meaning accountants can give you the correct information that’s personalised to your situation especially with all the tax changes etc coming through these days,” comments Shalom.

About Tutbury & Associates Limited.

Tutbury & Associates Limited has worked hard to build their reputation of excellent customer service by working interactively with their clients and making sure that their clients get value for money. They are ideal for ideal for trades people, or anyone who wants to grow their business.


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Staff Profile: Shalom Tahere Practice Administrator at New Zealand-wide accounting specialists Tutbury & Associates Ltd.