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by Kelly Tutbury

The importance of having a financial plan for your business with New Zealand’s leading accounting experts Tutbury & Associates Limited.

Being intrinsically linked to a business’ core processes and financial planning is an important practice for any business owner, says New Zealand’s premier accounting professionals Tauranga-based Tutbury & Associates Limited.

“Financial planning should be done regularly –  ideally before every start of a new financial year,” advises Kelly Tutbury, Accountant and Managing Director at Tutbury & Associates Limited.

In a business it is all too easy to be only focused to the issues that must be dealt with on a daily basis. However, having this short-term view, a business owner could be ignoring what the business needs to be able to grow financially. This is where having a financial plan can help.

Financial planning is all about setting goals that are realistically attainable for your business as it projects a determined amount of revenue after an extended period of time.

“Critical to facilitating growth and expansion a financial plan is there to help ensure a company’s long-term survival,” adds Kelly. Comparing forecasted financial numbers to actual results from the business can give you vital information about the overall financial health and efficiency of your business.

Part of the financial planning process involves helping a business owner identify the most important expenditures, those that bring instant improvements in productivity and efficiency against those that can be suspended until cash is more abundant. “Knowing where and when to conserve financial resources in a business, especially in a small business, is a critical component of success,” comments Kelly.

The friendly professionals over at Tutbury & Associates are passionate about the success of you and your business. They offer a wide range of excellent services to help you with all of your financial planning needs that will help to maximise your investments and improve shareholder wealth.

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Tutbury & Associates Limited has worked hard to build their reputation of excellent customer service by working interactively with their clients and making sure that their clients get value for money. They are ideal for ideal for trades people, or anyone who wants to grow their business.


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The importance of having a financial plan for your business with New Zealand’s leading accounting experts Tutbury & Associates Limited.