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    by Kelly Tutbury

    With the new financial year just beginning now is the perfect time to create a business plan, says Tauranga-based accounting experts Tutbury & Associates Limited.

    “It is the time to start thinking about your goals and objectives for the new financial year,” says Kelly Tutbury, Accountant and Managing Director at Tutbury & Associates Limited.

    The first thing to do is to focus on what’s most important for your business to achieve this year.

    “Start by defining your top three business goals for the next four quarters,” advises Kelly. “Then break your goals down into smaller tasks. This helps to increase the productivity in your business while being able to celebrate the little successes that lead to massive changes.

    If growing your business is on your agenda for the year ahead, then you will need to ensure that your business plan includes adequate financial planning. “An accountant can provide total financial advice and support as you update your business plan,” comments Kelly.

    “A significant thing to keep in mind when writing your business plan is to figure out how you’ll stay competitive and how you can continue to attract new prospects and retain customers,” adds Kelly.

    Take some time in your business plan to show how you’ll increase value for what you offer and how to stand apart from your competitors.

    Though they are based in Tauranga, Tutbury & Associates Limited are cloud-based so that they can assist you and your business throughout New Zealand.

    “We are more than just accountants. We are a young, innovative group made up of accountants and accounting specialists and are Xero Certified and Gold partners,” Kelly says.

    If you want to achieve more in the new financial year then speak to the friendly experts Tutbury & Associates Limited today.

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